Since 1995, Nick Topolos of ETOPOLOS has worked with major corporations such as The Gap, Intel, and WalMart, as well as small startups creating effective graphic design solutions.

Before starting his own business, Nick worked at both Macy’s and The Gap, where among other duties he helped launch both their corporate intranet and Internet sites. He co-founded Evolve Design in 1995 and worked with major corporations like Gap, Intel, and WalMart, as well as creating effective graphic design solutions for technology companies like SBC, WebLogic and Lotus.


With over 20 years of web experience, a wide-range of client experience from Fortune 500 companies, to start-ups, and services all the way from branding, to interactive multi-media and environmental design. What can we do for you?

Drupal CMS Content Management and Ecommerce
Drupal is an open source web content management system that allows you to easily maintain a wide range of content as well provide your customers new ways to access this information and interact with you and each other.

By being open source you have thousands of developers who are out there working to improve the core system as well as develop “modules” for the site that extend functionality. There are few things that Drupal can’t do, that said being a jack of all trades does have its limitations.

The great news is for most companies and organizations we have a powerful solution that can be quickly developed and customized and provide content management, customer forums, blogs, and even online commerce.

Identity and Branding
Have a new company? We can design a logo for you. Have an existing logo, we can make sure we execute your brand system consistently across both your electronic and print deliverables.

Print Design
From business cards and stationary to marketing materials like rack cards, posters and postcards we have you covered.

Web Site Hosting and Domain Registration
We can be your one stop in regards to your website as we offer hosting and domain registration through our partner Dreamhost. Not only do they provide excellent service and just about unlimited storage, they’re green as well.

Your website is a key part of your business presence and we can help keep it up and running smoothly. Read more about our support options here.

We’ve just begun to offer video production to our clients. Stay tuned!


Our Approach
We understand that the key to providing an effective solution is to work closely with our clients in a collaborative partnership. Our continued success comes from our detailed process in assessing and planning complex projects cooperatively with our clients:

  • Assess: We will formulate an overview of your company’s brand identity to best create a solution that meets your business goals.
  • Plan: We will work with you to develop a brand identity tailored to your organization’s business needs.
  • Design: We will provide you scaleable and scopeable web solutions that are visually appealing, technically functional and true to your company’s vision.
  • Implementation: We will take the approved templates and build out all requested deliverables.
  • Evaluate: If requested, we will set up and facilitate user evaluation-which is key in the ongoing website development and customer interaction.


  • Depth and Breadth: ETOPOLOS’ list of retail clients is extensive and runs the gamut from major retailers and manufacturers like Cisco, The Gap, and Mercedes Benz, to technology companies like Google, PeopleSoft, and Ninaza, to high-end wineries like Rudd Wine, Pride Mountain and Joseph Phelps. The experience of working on these companies provides us the deep and varied skill sets needed to complete this project successfully.
  • Sticking to the Bottom Line: ETOPOLOS has built a reputation of consistently completing projects on time and on budget. Our clients in many ways are our best sales people, as most of our work comes from referrals.
  • Better Results with Lower Overhead: Many larger design firms and web development companies would have you believe that you need to pay for project managers to manage the project managers. ETOPOLOS has built its reputation by creating better results with lower overhead and a less bureaucratic approach
  • Consistent and Cohesive Brand Management: Since you are working with a single entity we will be able to tightly manage your brand identity and easily adapt and evolve when you have to update your image across all deliverables.